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Sore Thumbs

By Dan "Shoe" Hsu + Crispin Boyer
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May 07
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Apr 12

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Apr 09

Just stuff

By Shoe

Scary: looks to be 1-2 weeks away from launch now. We’re nervous/excited/peeing our pants!

Sucks: I broke my thumb during a recent snowboard trip, had to go under and go under the knife for surgery, hurts a lot now, pain in the ass to type with a big cast on. But maybe it’s all worth it for all the “Sore Thumbs” jokes I’ve been getting?

Did you know: With a left thumb in a cast and a left index finger on the left analog stick, it’s still relatively easy to play Resident Evil 5? It’s because RE5’s not a twitch shooter — moving around like a human tank isn’t that bad with a gimped hand. I’m on my third playthrough of this game! (How come I haven’t gotten the “Who do you trust?” achievement yet??)

Fuck: Rhythm Heaven! It’s too damn hard.

Oh man: BioShock 2.

Funny: The hypocrisy

Thank you: Andre P. and Daniel C. for their recent donations to help us get Bitmob going!

Slightly sad: Retiring my Michigan-themed DS Lite in favor of my new DSi. Ol’ Blue will now sit on display in my bookshelf, alongside other comatose systems like the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Ol' Blue

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Apr 01
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